The Story

Clio is a protector. She is a faerie who has a big job. She looks after all the things people seem to forget about. Mundane things like change in the couch, socks that went missing, and old dusty books.

and Powerful things like laughter, and spinning in circles and the magic of smelling flowers and all the things we keep locked away inside ourselves. These are the things she watches over.

She remembers all those things and helps  to share those memories with those who might have forgotten. She loves children because they remember all these things. Like her, they laugh and smile and play easily. They remember to make big wishes.

In her free time Clio loves to dance, blow bubbles, watch the clouds, and smell the flowers. She also loves to read! You can find her playing at the park, hiding in a library, or hunting for treasure. Or at your next event!

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